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  •  Black King( for Snooker or Pool)

    *Modern black stain finished with cherry wood grain, European legion style cushion rail and leg
    *Rare European Red Beech for cushion rail, and solid wood frame
    *Slate levelers, wooden leg levelers
    *International tournament standart “I” shape 12mm thick steel carbide cushion
    *Top grade Taiwan “UYLIN” rubber cushion and Gold 6811 English snooker cloth    
    *Playing area (9ft): 2540 x 1270mm (100” x 50”)
    *Overall size (9ft): 2830 x 1550 x 840mm (111-1/2” x 61-1/2” x 33”)
    *Available for snooker tables in 7ft, 8ft,9ft,10ft,12ft Steel-Back and Wooden Cushion
            For American Pool tables in 8ft and 9ft.
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